About Durante' Parks

It all began in 1989 when Durante' Parks was seeking financing for a 600 unit apartment complex he wanted to purchase for investment purposes. He was actively investing in residential real estate properties and was actively managing and working a full time job.  This bold move was a triggered in an attempt to move form The property was priced at a 10% Cap Rate. Two days before the closing, it was discovered that the funders were not adequately capitalized to finance the transaction. The sellers walked and Mr. Parks lost a $90,000.00 dollars.

Over the next 6 months, he focused his efforts on locating funding sources and not properties. His concept was simple. Rather than locating properties and then searching for financing, Durante decided to secure the financing FIRST then bring the perfect project or property directly to the Funders.

During this search, Durante' locate a private bank that managed a 3 Billion Dollar fund and began learning the finer points of High Financing   He worked with this private bank for several years and designed, and developed several financing programs for this trust. He designed several commercial financing acquisition programs based on specific financing models.

This private bank's required strict , confidentiality and privacy regarding it clients and transactions. This requirement placed a great limitation on what he could and could not discuss. His association with this Bank was so successful, that Durante' began working as a placement agent for the Bank and began brokering transactions via this private trust exclusively. 

He was directly involved in a $3 Billion Syndication involving 4 banks and 3 investment firms. He served as a liaison for the trust and worked directly with numerous bank officers and presidents. Due to these associations and contacts, Durante' served a 3 year apprenticeship under instructions of a Retired Bank president where he perfected the commercial financing game and turned it into a viable business.

In 2002, Durante' began developing several training programs for his hand chooses apprentices . He now trains Money Brokers and works with his students on implementing his financing strategies. What's unique about Durante' is his ability to teach others how to implement these out of the box financing fundamentals in a very simple step by step manner. Every detail is included.

Currently, Durante' conducts financing boot camps and works very closely with his students in setting up their financing businesses. Some of the students are actual JV partners. They buy portfolios of property together and divide the properties and the profits equally. Durante' secures the financing and the students do the initial property analysis. Durante also provides the properties for the students to screen.

His Products

Paper Boot Camp

This cash flow notes course deals with the details of buying, brokering and selling commercial paper. It focuses on How To Locate, Analyze, Buy And Sell Cash Flow Notes in a step by step process. It includes a work book all the forms and documents needed to stare a successful notes buying business. Click Here For Details About The Paper Boot Camp  

Portfolio Financing Conference

This is the unedited audios from a  3 day portfolio financing conference where Durante' tell the entire story of how he financed a portfolio of 31 commercial properties valued over $100 Million Dollars using his Bank to Bank financing program.
(Click Here For Details About The Portfolio Financing Audios )

Virtual Money Broker Tool Box

This Financing Tool Box contains commercial lenders and Commercial Property Buyers. The Lenders provide Money Brokering opportunities while the Commercial Property Buyers provide Property Brokering Opportunities. This tool is ideal for Money Brokers, Commercial Property Investors and Realtors. This is the actual tool box that Durante designed for his personal use. A complete commercial Master Money Broker Tool Box integrated into a Web Site " Virtual Money Broker"
Click Here For Details About The Virtual Money Broker Tool Box

Financing Data Bank Software

This Software provides a automated solution to information and data management. It provides a way to manage lenders and inventories of commercial properties. It also includes a direct link to the Virtual Money Broker Tool Box creating a complete financing system. 
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